Infrared Thermal Imaging

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Eric McKay from East Kootenay Home Inspections Ltd. is an

Infrared Certified Inspector.

Infrared thermal imaging helps us look for moisture in foundations, hot spots in electrical, moisture in walls and ceilings, mechanical(HVAC) conditions, and insulation problems to name a few.

This tool may help us find moisture before it turns into mould (mold).


Don't have your home inspected without a Certified Infrared Inspector!


                    this  is  ceiling moisture
                    and it would not be seen without infrared technology

Infrared thermal imaging is a science that we use that is non-invasive and non-

destructive. This tool helps us determine changes in temperature just below the surface.


What Infrared Thermal Imaging helps us see

-faulty or overheating wiring

-mould (mold)

-missing or wet insulation

-the presence of carpenter ants, termites, or other pests

-plumbing issues

-Heating and air conditioning issues

-moisture behind walls

-moisture in ceilings

and more

What is the difference between Infrared and regular Photography?

Infrared thermal imaging is heat-sensitive photography can reveal these and other

issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye or with regular photography.

Everything has a temperature
Infrared thermal imaging is able to compare that temperature of an object or system,

and compare it to the surrounding temperature.

Can Infrared see through walls?

Infrared thermal imaging
is NOT x-ray vision. You cannot see through walls.

When you are seeing the differences in the surface temperatures of different materials.

You might think  that you are seeing through the wall, but you are not. 

It's these temperature differences that may indicate moisture (mould) or problems with the

electrical, insulation, HVAC, plumbing etc..

A little added protection           Consumer Protection BC

Infrared thermal imaging has helped us diagnose little problems before they turn into

bigger problems. It may help us find big problems or conditions in a home before it becomes

your problem.


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